Sliding wardrobe tracks spacer blocks and height reducers from spacepro

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Sliding doors as standard fit the height of 2260mm, there’s a little give and take in the runners, around 5 – 10mm overall to cover uneven surfaces but not enough for larger gaps.  Spacepro kindly made a solution for us who don’t want to fork out for the more expensive ( but lovely doors IDS) made to measure doors, we’ll write about them later.

Spacer blocks will work with heights from 2272 to 2399mm,  you’ll need to purchase a couple of packs of these spacepro spacer blocks.

If your sliding doors are going into a gap 2399 to 2729mm high, the you’ll need the opening height reducers, which you can attach the sliding door tracks to, and then add to the front a simple piece of plasterboard or MDF and paint to match your colour scheme ( hopefully )

how to fit doors to gap above 2260mm

installation guide for spacer blocks

installation diagram for spacepro opening height reducers

If you want to read the full sliding door installation guide then we put it here for you :  sliding door installation guide

Good luck with the doors, idoorstore

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